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Does Your Company Have iPad Envy?

As the world continuously changes, it makes sense for your business to stay ahead of the technology curve – or at least understand where things are going. Currently, the iPad (or tablet) is generating all kinds of buzz… from hospitals to airline pilots, the apps that can be used on the iPad are increasingly becoming… Read More »

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Small Business Tips: Networking Basics

The concept of “networking” is nothing new in the working of business. While the tools we use today may differ from those used in the past, the idea of developing a broad list of contacts, colleagues and clients is as old as business itself and is the cornerstone to any successful organization. However, the age… Read More »

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Small Business Tips: The Company Newsletter

Here we are in 2011 and it is most likely the case that you have seen a newsletter generated for your benefit. These newsletters show up from all categories of businesses… Legal newsletters, Financial newsletters, Country Club newsletters, Educational newsletter, Health Care newsletter, Government newsletter, Community newsletter, and the list goes on and on! With… Read More »

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