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International Data Corporation (IDC), a premier global provider of market intelligence and consumer technology markets, predicts that over 1 billion mobile devices will be accessing the internet by the end of 2011 (compared to 1.3 billion PCs). According to Karsten Weide, research vice president of Media and Entertainment at IDC, “soon, more users will access the Web using mobile devices than using PCs, and it’s going to make the Internet a very different place.”
Mobile marketing allows companies to enhance the brand experience. Much of the early mobile marketing efforts have taken a test-and-learn philosophy because this is “a new, fully integrated multi-channel enterprise with the customer at the center” states Chuck Martin, author of The Third Screen.
Technology has helped us move throughout the years from mass marketing to participatory marketing to momentary marketing with the advent and proliferation of the television, PC and now mobile devices.
Clear objectives and expectations must be established as mobile marketing is more than offering coupons or discounts – it’s interactive. Mobile marketing adds time and location to the mix, which is a major factor. Mobile consumption facilitates a technological and behavioral change where less is more. Peer recommendations matter as mobile marketing is personal and unique.Common to other forms of marketing, the call to action is the key in mobile marketing.

Landing pages with relevant information must be formatted for smaller screens. If you create an app, it must be of use to a customer or it won’t be on their phone for long. Brands and businesses must know when and how to add value and participate via mobile marketing.

The mobile web is about looking for one piece of information. Mobile phones users focus on “finding”, compared to desktop/laptop users who are “searching.” Finding is about action with the need for limited results that are “near me now.” The m-powered customer wants info relevant to a specific time and place.
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