Update Your Collateral Material

Today, most businesses are trying to keep up with the latest online trends and focusing on adapting to the “next big thing” to attract customers to their product or service. While staying on ahead of the technology train makes sense, you should not over look the importance of good old fashion collateral material.

Physical “leave behind” pieces are becoming more heavily scrutinized based on the new way people search / receive / evaluate information about a company. In the past, the biggest, most unique brochure was a point of pride – now it’s a point of pain. The costs of these collateral pieces do not justify their existence. However, the advancement in printing has created an opportunity for you to re-think your collaterals before you simply ditch them all together.

In this day and age, clients should streamline their collaterals by utilizing a creative design and cost-effective quality printing. Less is more in this case BUT less is less, not nothing. Let’s consider a business card. The cost to produce a business card today is far less than it was 10 years ago. However, no one uses a business card holder anymore to carry around their contacts – yet everyone has business cards! Why is this? The answer is – the benefit justifies the minimal cost.

The bottom line: There is still room for collateral materials in this technologically advanced world. You just need to recognize that the collateral you created in 1995 should not simply be re-ordered but evaluated and transformed to save money and produce the original response it was intended to.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation regarding your current collateral materials, please contact m2 marketing.

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