Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing: The Importance of Your Landing Page

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing can be an effective way to reach out to an actively ‘listening’ audience that’s searching for your product or service, but it’s important to have a solid foundation for your website before investing in a PPC campaign. 

For PPC marketing to be effective, several key steps need to be taken.  Unfortunately, many people miss one of the most important first steps: establishing a well-constructed landing (web) page with content specifically relevant to your ad. Here are some steps to help you setup a strong landing page:

  1. Provide what the user is looking for
    You should have an idea what your visitors will type in as their key phrase since you bid on specific keywords… so make sure the content is relevant to what the visitor.  If it’s not relevant, you’ll pay to get them to your site just to have them ‘bounce’ back out.
  2. Have a clear call to action
    Know what you want to accomplish when the user gets to your landing page.  Do you want them to fill out an inquiry form?  Purchase a product?  Make it easy for the user to understand what their next step should be (and help them want to take it).  Any link or button to a call to action should be ABOVE the fold (visible without scrolling).
  3. KISS (Keep it Super Simple)
    Too much content on your page can be distracting and confusing to visitors (detracting from your clear call to action).  Focus your content around the information that will be most important (and relevant) to the visitors being directed to your landing page.  Any forms should be as concise as possible too to make it easier for users to fill out.
  4. Build Trust / Showcase Credibility Factors
    If your website is protected or certified, or your business is accredited by an important organization, showcase the applicable logos above the fold.  Build immediate trust / comfort levels with your prospects.
  5. Test by Tracking
    Use your analytics to try out the success rate (conversion rate) of different landing pages.  You’ll often find one version performs better than another.  Use the data to make decisions moving forward about which landing page to use and/or which tweaks to make to your lower-performing pages.

By investing the resources needed to create a high-quality landing page, you will build a solid foundation for your PPC campaign.

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