Top 5 Reasons to add E-Commerce to your Website

As the web continues to evolve, more and more users (of the web) enjoy having the ability to conduct their transactions online via trusted websites.  These users aren’t the only ones that have to benefit from the convenience of e-commerce – business owners can benfit from allowing their clients / customers to do business with them online as well.

Here are the top 5 reasons we’ve identified to add e-commerce to your website:

  1. Having e-commerce available on your website allows your business to take payment (or make a sale) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year… without needing someone present to swipe a credit card!
  2. E-commerce transactions allow you to collect and store pertinent information about your clients / customers – all while they do the data entry.  NOTE: For most small businesses, we do NOT suggest (without extreme security measures and experts on-hand) storing information like credit card or social security numbers.
  3. Adding E-commerce allows you to track your marketing efforts (if they’ve been setup to be measurable) to see which lead to an actual sale. 
  4. Differentiation – In some industries (outside of retail), you can still differentiate yourself by adding e-commerce capabilities to your site.  If e-commerce is already a big part of your industry, you don’t want to differentiate yourself in a negative manner by not following the best practices your competitors are already on top of.
  5. These days, especially if you have access to an experienced web developer, adding e-commerce to your website is easy.

Keep in mind, when you add e-commerce to your website, there are some important considerations (both in costs and processes) to keep in mind.  We’ll discuss these in a future post.

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