Web App vs. Downloadable App: Branding

Through a series of different posts, we’re going to compare and contrast web applications vs. downloadable (native) applications to help you determine which solution is the right solution for your next app.  Today, we’re going to focus on  branding.

Web Applications
With web applications, including your brand on the users phone is much more limited.  While the user has the capability of creating an icon to a bookmarked website, most users don’t utilize (or know about) this functionality.  Standard bookmarking simply doesn’t have the same effect as seeing a visual graphic brand.

Downloadable Apps
When an app is installed by a user, an icon installs on the users phone – to be seen anytime they access your app, or even other apps on their phone.  It’s a constant visual reminder of your brand.  In addition, your brand will also be seen as users are searching / shopping iTunes or other app marketplaces for applications to fit their needs.  While websites can be built to promote the native (downloadable) apps so that attention can be caught on search engines as well, the flipside doesn’t work – you can’t (with much success) create a native app to promote your mobile web app.

If pushing your brand is an important part of your strategy for creating a mobile application, you should strongly consider building a native (downloadable) app.

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