The Benefits of Revamping (or Redesigning) your Website

As m2 marketing is in the end-planning stages of redesigning our own website, we’ve approached some of our existing clients about the need for a tuneup on their own website.  With limited marketing budgets, it’s important to understand why you should revamp your website.  In today’s entry, we’ll explore the benefits of doing so.

  1. Improved opportunity for Search Engine Optimization – doing a redesign of your website is a perfect time to evaluate how your content is used to drive traffic from natural (organic) search results.
    • With time, the ‘rules’ (and algorithms) of the various search engines change.  Example: Optimized video is an important piece of SEO today.
    • When your site was built, some search engines (i.e. Bing) may not have even been in existence.
    • Revisiting the code for your site allows you to build more efficient, cleaner code for faster loading pages… all of which are good for search engines.
    • New versions of browsers may have caused compatibility issues with your site. New browsers (and new coding technology) provide for a better user experience, when combined together.
    • Search engines value site updates as they realize your content and site is being kept fresh for your visitors.
  2. Reduced maintenance costs
    • Modern code can be developed faster than most antiquated languages like Classic ASP and it can be difficult to find good developers that have skillsets in old, out-dated languages.
    • Classic ASP, the language many sites were originally written in has a lack of support and updates from the creator of the language itself.
  3. Improved design / content
    • Design best practices (example: ‘standard’ width of websites) have changed over the last several years, and will continue to change as users and their technology changes.
    • A well-done redesign will provide a user experience that ‘feels’ more like 2011 than 2005 – or 1995!   A new navigation structure, if needed, can provide your users with easier access to the information that is most important to them.
    • Search engines aren’t the only ones that value fresh content.  Your visitors are likely to notice and appreciate the fresh content as well.  Redesigning your site gives you a wonderful opportunity to evaluate your current content and add / edit the information accordingly.

As you have seen, a lot changes on the web in just the span of a few years, so it’s important to take opportunities (as needed) to revamp, redesign or realign your website.

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