Small Business Tips: Narrow the Recruiting Field

As a small business owner, time is precious, so time spent away from activities that directly affect the bottom line has to be minimized.  Don’t get me wrong – recruiting is one of the most important parts of running a business.  Without the right people in the right places, the business won’t survive.  However, there are ways to make your recruiting process more efficient.

In addition to finding ways to qualitatively (and efficiently) review resumes (as discussed in an earlier post here), it’s helpful to find ways to further narrow the recruiting field to find qualified  applicants to interview.  Some companies accomplish this step with a phone interview.  We insert another step to limit time spent with applicants that aren’t qualified for the position.  To do this, we follow these steps:

  1. Identify key qualifications
  2. Create questions with quantifiable answers to ‘score’ the applicants’ responses
  3. Identify any individual question scores (or ‘no’ answers) that immediately identify a non-qualified applicant
  4. Setup your questions using an online survey application like survey monkey or constant contact so they can be easily scored
  5. Use the questions from #3 along with lower total scores to weed out non-qualified applicants (or lower scoring applicants based on what you’re looking for)
  6. Post a link to your survey/questionnaire from any job posting you put up
  7. Determine next (recruiting steps) for applicants with qualifying scores.

An added benefit of using this system as part of your recruiting process is the objective nature of the scoring system.

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