The Never-ending Project…

Okay… I know you have all been there. You work hard to sell a product / service to a prospect and then the day comes when they finally sign on the dotted line! YES, right?? Well, most of the time. However, you may encounter (from time to time) a project that seemed painless and exciting when chasing it only turn into a perpetual marry-go-round and it feels like you will never get off.

There are a couple of points I want to make today.

First, it is very difficult to determine when one of these types of projects will land in your lap. After all, you spent so much time trying to land this project that you didn’t realize the amount of red-tape that may await you on the other side. It’s the “blinder-effect” (which I just made up). Yet this “blinder-effect” happens to us humans all the time. Remember when your mother-in-law was funny? That’s the “blinder-effect” in full force (but I digress)…. If you find yourself getting too attached to the sale, take a step back and talk through the project with one of your team members. They can provide a different perspective and help you understand what you are getting into (or at least give you a better idea).

Second, take into account a “worse-case” scenario when forecasting the execution of the project. Map out the key roles and responsibilities for the individuals involved and have open conversations from the beginning to determine if the project still seems like the same one you discussed way back when over coffee.

Third, if you have followed the first two recommendations and still find yourself in a revolving project then – document the process! Chances are, this type of project may come up again in the future and the next time you will be prepared.

So, look at this as an opportunity for personal and/or business growth… quit complaining… and get the job done! :)

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