The Biggest Benefits of PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

  1. Small startup investment
    You pay for what you get. You only have to pay each time someone actually clicks on your ad, not each time the ad is shown (impressions). Some services may require a small initial fee to set up an account (google AdWords is free).
  2. Advertising with limited budgets
    With PPC, you can limit your outlay based on a specific budget set for the month and your account can be ‘managed’ to spread out your budget across the month, keeping you from overspending.
  3. Control
    PPC ads give you total control over your business messaging, also allowing for real-time changes – something that is likely not available for TV or print. You can formulate your advertising text, the approximate total spending value, the amount you wish to bid on your chosen keywords, it’s a fairly flexible system.
  4. Targeted, qualified traffic
    PPC advertising provides even more targeting control than SEO. You can define or revise demographic parameters and settings to focus your exposure in a strategic fashion (i.e. limiting your advertisements to a specific geographic region).
  5. Prime Search Engine Real Estate
    PPC ads are posted at the very top and down the right side of search engine results –  prime real estate on the search engine result pages. Even if organic SEO is the best option for you, top results can take years to obtain.
  6. Search Engine Scope
    The reach of PPC ads is massive.  No other form of online advertising that has the same scope.  Newsprint, TV and other print methods don’t compare in terms of “reach”.
  7. Equal opportunity
    Since keywords can be targeted by anyone, keyword pricing is based on demand in the competitive marketplace and is set via a bidding system, similar to an online auction.
  8. Instant results
    With PPC (and the right bid), you can get immediate placement on page one of Google or other search engines. You can get results more quickly than with organic Search Engine Optimization methods.
  9. Real-time “trackability”
    PPC analytics help you track successful (and unsuccessful) keywords, phrases and ads.  With the proper setup, conversion rates can be calculated to determine how many clicks turned into leads, or sales. Other forms of advertising have minimal measuring capabilities or take months to determine results making it hard to react and make good changes.
  10. Brand Awareness
    Your ad will display on many more search results pages than are actually clicked on offering “free” brand awareness for relevant searches.
  11. 24/7 advertising
    If your business operates 24/7, so should your ads.  Potential customers / clients search all hours of the day and night – not just during business hours.

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