Small Business Tips: New Employee Checklist

As a small business owner, you find yourself wearing a number of different hats, including that of an HR manager.  Along with all of the excitement that comes with hiring on new staff to help grow your business, comes the time it takes to recruit and set things up, so the person joining your team can start off on a productive note.

One resource we’ve found useful to help us be more efficient during this process is a New Employee checklist.  Like other things, by having a checklist, we can streamline tasks, delegate action items and most importantly – make sure nothing gets forgotten. While kinds of employees (and different kinds of businesses) may require different items to be added (or subtracted) from the list, you can create a base list that can be adjusted accordingly.

Here’s a list of common items we start with.  Keep in mind, some things seem like they should be common-sense… but it’s helpful to have as much possible documented, so items don’t fall through the cracks.

Office Space





Account setup

Electronic Documents

Company Docs / Instructions / Processes

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