Preparing for Your New Website: Part II – Technical Considerations

Before work begins on your website, it is important to do some pre-work to help make the design / development process more effective and efficient.  After reviewing (and hopefully documenting your goals), it’s important to review the technical considerations.  The answers to the following questions will help the web development firm working on your website understand which tools you need in place to make your website a success, for both your audience and you.


  1. Will the content on the site change on a regular basis?  How often?
  2. How do you prefer to maintain the site?
    • Self-maintenance using the source code
    • Self-maintenance using an administrative tool (no coding required) – recommended for sites with changes that occur frequently.
    • Have your web developer handle the updates
  3. Do you need forms or features that require users to enter and submit information?
  4. If so, do you need this information stored (in a database) for reference later?
  5. Are there specific features / functionality you want to have on your site?
    • E-Commerce (ability to handle monetary transactions?
    • Password Protected Areas
    • Audio / Video
    • Photo Galleries
    • Blog
    • Event Calendars
    • Social Media Integration
  6. Are there specific features / functionality you DO NOT want on the site?
  7. Do you have a registered domain name?  If so, let the web developer know which domain(s) should point to the website.
  8. Do you want your web developer to handle the hosting or do you have your own preferred host?

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