Preparing for Your New Website: Part I – Your Goals

Before work begins on your website, it is important to do some pre-work to help make the design / development process more effective and efficient.  One of the first tasks at hand is to understand and document the collective goals of the new website.  This information will be useful to the web development firm developing your website, to ensure the design, features and functionality built into the website all align with your goals.

Some of the questions you’ll want to consider (along with some example answers) include:

  1. What are you looking to achieve with the development / redevelopment of your website?
    • Renewed (or improved) image
    • Additional functionality (example: e-commerce transactions)
    • Increased traffic via SEO
  2. What do you want the site to portray about your company?
    • Credibility
    • Professionalism
    • Experience
    • Size
  3. In your opinion, what will be the single most important feature of the site?
    • List of products / services
    • E-commerce
    • Contact form
  4. Who is the intended audience?
    • Existing Clients
    • Prospective Clients
    • Vendors
    • Internal
  5. Is there a secondary audience?
    • Employees
    • Board Members
    • Job Seekers
  6. What are the websites of your top 5 competitors?
    • Do they have functionality you should consider including in your website?
    • How can you differentiate your company through your new website?

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