Customer Service: Self-Evaluation

Recently, I was having issues with one of my laptops. The performance was not up to speed and it was beginning to stress me out. So, I decided to take my computer into Best Buy and visit the Geek Squad to see if they could help shed some light on the situation.

When I walked into the store, I walked over to the Geek Squad counter (which is located next to the Customer Service counter at this particular location). While waiting in line, I noticed the different approach that each of the individuals took toward the customer. The person at the Customer Service line (and I will not reveal her name) was rude, distant, annoyed by the customers and seemed to go in the back frequently for no apparent reason. On the other hand, the person at the Geek Squad counter (Ian) was engaged, friendly and generally interested in helping customers with their issues.

Now Ian did help resolve my problem, but that doesn’t change the impression that I got from him before he even addresses my issue. The importance of having the right people is a clichĂ© – I know… but it is still one of the oldest and most basic principal to any successful business.

If your company provides customer service (which most do), I strongly encourage you to self-evaluate your staff on a regular basis. The difference between the ways two employees handle clients can be drastic and the sooner you determine who your leaders and laggards are the better off your company will be in the long run. Of course, this may result in you having to make a difficult decision…. but that is for another blog.

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