Customer Service: Responding to Clients

There are many activities that go into providing quality customer service. The first and most basic of these is response time. All small businesses work hard at managing multiple projects however, the ability to respond to a client / prospect in a timely manner is the cornerstone to building your client list. This allows your current client base to talk highly of you at their next networking event. While others are describing their points of pain, your client should be able to sit back and feel good about the relationship you have created.

Here are some tips to help you improve your response time:

1.)   Use multiple forms of communication (email, phone, text)
If a client emails you, email them back. If a client calls, call them back. If a client texts you, text them back. Since each client is different, your response form should match their original form it was sent. If you do not have time to call, then send an email / text letting the client know that you received their correspondence and that you will call them back at a specific time.

2.)   Clarify deliverables
If a client sends a request, be sure to include a timeframe for your deliverable. This gives your client peace of mind that you are on top of it. DO NOT wait until the deliverable is complete to respond – it only creates worry on the clients end. Responding quickly with a timeframe also gives your client the opportunity to let you know if the request needs to be done sooner (which they may or may not have specified).

3.)   Thank you!
You should always thank your clients in your responses (unless you aren’t thankful). It reinforces the relationship and shows your appreciation to them.

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