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If you are like most people who fight “The Battle the Bulge” of your Inbox, 2011 needs to be the year that you take back control of the insanity better known as email! There is nothing better than ending the work day with a clean Inbox. Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s impossible! However, with a well placed game plan and some dedication to the task of “keeping your Inbox clean,” there is no reason why this isn’t the year that you clean your act up!

There are some simple rules to live by when tackling your Inbox.

1.)   Create Labels (or Folders)
Stop wasting time searching for an email sent from a client a few months ago. Simply create a folder for specific clients for easy reference in the future.

2.)   Set “Rules” for “Non-Work” Related Items
In other words, mail you receive regularly (i.e. coupons, your kids teachers / coaches, etc.) should have a rule associated with them so they automatically get filtered into a folder where you can access this outside of work. This will allow you to be more productive from 9-5.

3.)   Schedule “Email” Time
Give yourself time throughout the day where you will SOLEY focus on your Inbox. (This means you should not keep your email account up constantly – which distracts you from the task at hand.) During this time, you need to either Respond, Delegate or Delete. These are the three golden rules of email and will be sure to help you with the Inbox overload.

4.)   Set a Goal
I know getting your Inbox to zero can be tough to begin with. So, set an attainable goal such that you cut your Inbox in half on Day 1, and then cut it in half again on Day 2 until you finally have that zen moment!

I hope these tips help you get your Inbox organized this year. Believe me; you will have a new found relief come over you when you do! Now let me get back to my email! :)

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