Small Business Tips: Receipts

As a small business owner, I’m always searching for new ways to become more efficient to give me the most of what I need: time.

One of my least favorite things to spend my time doing is organizing receipts and putting together expense reports… again, because it takes up time that I’d rather be spending on clients’ projects.  Since we are trying to work towards becoming more ‘paperless’, I’d been having our admin scan in our receipts to save and organize them digitally, but that still required effort on my part to save the receipts and provide them to her – AND it required time on her part to scan each of the receipts in (for everyone on our team, not just me).

With the improvement in cell phone cameras (and the tools they come with to easily share photos via email or social media), it donned on me that there was an even easier way to create digital receipts.  Now, after receiving any receipt, I simply take a photo of it with my phone and “share” it with our admin via email with a quick note on how to label it in quickbooks and voila – the process was just made easier and more efficient for both of us!

Example Receipt

Example Receipt

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