Understanding Google Analytics: Map Overlay

In the fourth part of our series: Understanding Google Analytics, we will define and discuss the various statistics available via the Map Overlay section of Google Analytics.  Additional details on this content can be found by researching the support documentation provided on the Google Analytics website.

The Map Overlay section is a wonderful tool to understand the (location) demographics of visitors to your site.   The Map Overlay Report can be accessed within your Google Analytics Reports  by clicking View Reports  > Visitors >Map Overview.

You can see both a visual and data breakdown for the following levels:

The map will show a visual representation of the locations of the visitors on your site. The darker the area on the map (or the bigger the circle once you drill down), the more visitors are from that area.  You can continue to drill down to view smaller areas by clicking on areas of the map, or the locations listed in the data chart below.
By understanding where your users are coming from, you can determine 1) if you are hitting your target markets and 2) provide details that may be able to help you adjust your advertising campaigns by geo-targeting, targeting prospects in specfic geographical areas.
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