Customer Service: Remember Me?

The end of the year is always a good time to take inventory of your business. One element that should be paid close attention to is your customer service. As businesses grow and continue to evolve / change and re-define themselves, one thing needs to remain a focus… THE CLIENT! Most companies spend time creating plans and thinking about how to bring new clients to the table in the coming year. However, don’t fall into the common trap of forgetting about your current client base.

I’ll use an example from my previous days as a sports reporter for WBNS 10TV. Often times, reporters would gather in a room and wait for the players who just finished a game to come out and answer questions. Most of the time, it was pretty informal and the interviewer and cameraman would simply walk up to an athlete and start asking questions. However, I noticed that older reporters would jump in and start asking questions and at the same time keep their eyes and head pointed toward the locker room door in anticipation of who was going to walk out next. This lack of focus on the current interview meant that the interviewee would become disenfranchised and the final product suffered because they didn’t feel like the interviewer was talking to them.

My point of this story is to place emphasis on the current client. Too often, companies start down the path with a new client only to give them half of their attention so they don’t miss what they think is a good opportunity about to walk through the door.

My advice for 2011, stays focused on your current clients and carve out adequate time to farm for new business. It does no good to gain a client by losing one in the process.

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