Creating a Checklist for the Launch of your Web Site: Content Check

Our team has created a checklist of items we follow each time we launch a website to ensure we follow best practices for each of the sites we release.  While there is some variation based on the type of site we are working on, the items on our launch checklist are applicable to most of the websites we design and develop.

Before we get into some of the more technical aspects of the launch checklist (which we’ll discuss in future posts), there are some content-related items we include on our list.

After constructing the site (and being knee-deep in the development side of things), it’s helpful to have fresh eyes review the actual content of the site including:

  1. Are bullet points used consistently (is capitalization consistent, are bullets styled consistently, etc)?
  2. Are common phrases used consistently? (Read more about…, Click here for additional info on…, etc)
  3. Are watermarked stockphotos or placeholder images replaced with their approved, web-resolution images?
  4. Is a favicon installed and showing?
  5. Are social media icons included?
  6. Is a footer included with a dynamic copyright year and applicable navigation links?
  7. Do important pages print properly?
  8. Are all pages spell checked?

These tasks are often best ‘tested’ by the person who did not develop the website.

For more on additional items for your launch checklist, stay tuned for future posts.

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