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Promotional items come in all shapes and sizes. This time of year, many companies look for creative ways to acknowledge and thank their clients by sending them a small gift of appreciation. We have all seen the Corporate Calendar and the Logo Pen. However, there are so many items out there these days that it makes sense for you to take the time to devote a strategy around your holiday gift giving (especially if it is going to involve a promotional item).

Here are some things to consider:

1.)   What do you want to accomplish by ordering a promotional item?
Some companies simply want to say “Thanks” while others want you to call them to inquire about their services. The best promotional items do both. For instance, a calendar is a traditional “Thank You” but the call to action is missing. A better way to create a calendar for your clients is to include a promotional offer / coupon each month for redemption. This allows the client to feel special all year, not just when the calendar arrives.

2.)   Can this promotional item be used throughout the year?
When thinking of what to utilize for your promotional item, consider what you will do with the additional items that will most likely need to be ordered (based on minimum quantity requirements). I mention this because minimum quantities are a reality if you want to be cost-effective. However, they are not cost-effective if they are dated two months after they are produced. So, stick to items that have a longer lifetime. Pens and notepads are a good example because they can be given out year round. Again, if you are looking to get people in the door -  a pen and notepad doesn’t provide the “call to action” referred to above.

3.)   Does this promotional item relate to your core products / services?
Get creative! Companies are always trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors… so, this is a great opportunity to do just that! For instance, a design firm is better off sending out branded flash drives as opposed to note pads. After all, transferring files from one computer to the next is more indicative of the client relationship than passing on a piece of paper with notes hand written on it.

4.)   Is the promotional item cost-effective?
There are many promotional items out there at a number of different price ranges. So, you should take the time to understand the amount you want to spend before going down the path of picking a promotional product. This will save time and money in the long run.

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