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Newspaper ads come in all shapes and sizes. Recently, we created an ad for a title company, TransCounty Title Agency that was informational in nature. However, there are four things that any newspaper ad should set out to accomplish.

1. Know your audience
In this example, the readers of this publication have a general understanding of what a title agency does and how they can utilize their services. In other words, the people reading this paper and hopefully reading this ad are familiar with the industry and deal with title companies frequently. With that said, it was important for this ad to stand out from traditional title agency’s yet still give our audience a sense that our client means business and is professional in the services they provide.
2. Create a cleaver headline
Since space is limited, a strong headline is very important. The reader may not have time to read every last sentence of an ad so take the time to create something that will entice them to read further OR better yet, remember and associate it with your company.
For this particular ad and most newspaper ads; space is a reality that you must work with. Do not try to out think the design and miss the basics. You start with the essential, company name, phone number, web address and services provided and then work from there. We were fortunate enough to have room for two images on this ad BUT this is not always the case. The bottom line, do not try to cram too much in… it will overwhelm the reader and cause them to move on.
Most common spelling mistakes are made when getting complacent with your work. The fact that an ad has little text does not mean that you can forget about spell-checking your work. Don’t fall into the trap of rushing through this design to get to more exciting collateral pieces.

Finally, most publications will try to create an ad for you. We suggest looking into professionals before moving forward on an ad created by the publisher. Often times, they are working on numerous ads for the paper and are not solely focused on your product or service. If you would like to set up a consultation, contact us at and type in the subject line: Newspaper Ad.

TransCounty Title Newspaper Ad

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