SEO: What is it?

In the world of web, the acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Wikipedia defines the term as “the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via un-paid (‘organic’ or ‘algorithmic’) search results.”  In other words, SEO is a collection of methods used to move (or rank) a website higher in the list of results for specific keywords on search sites like google and yahoo.

SEO has been increasingly on the top of the minds of those who promote (or run) their businesses online.  Everyone wants to be at the top of the google (or yahoo, bing, etc) list of search results.  However, if you combine the (literally) billions of web pages that exist on the internet with the complexity of the various search engine algorithms, you can immediately see there is not a black and white road map on how to optimize your site for search and increase your site ranking.

While the old days of using meta-tags to list all of your keywords are long gone, there are some basic guidelines you can utilize to jump start your SEO strategy.  In later posts, we’ll be highlighting some of these basic methodologies so you can follow best-practices in SEO to improve the visibility of your website on various search engines.

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