Don’t Dump Your Website!

Social Media is all the rage these days for small and mid-sized businesses. However, do not fall victim of stepping over a dollar to pick up a quarter. While it makes sense for your business to develop a Social Media Strategy, it cannot be to the detriment of your traditional website. A recent post on, Do You Still Need a Website?, highlights the rationale for keeping your URL.

If you are planning on starting a new business and are considering whether or not to launch a website or simply create a Twitter or Facebook account, let us show you the Top 10 Reasons websites still work:

  1. A website address, if chosen well, is easier to remember than a phone number.
  2. A website is a sign of credibility. (Be careful… a poorly designed website can HURT your image!)
  3. Websites can cut the cost of re-printed sales materials as detailed information, such as pricing, can be referenced on your website.
  4. Web tools make it easy and cost-effective to keep your content fresh.
  5. Websites can reduce data-entry time and costs with online forms and data collection.
  6. A well designed website can give you a larger appearance.
  7. Websites provide cost-effective tracking of your marketing efforts which allow you to make better marketing decisions for the future.
  8. You can stay open 24 / 7 / 365 without the additional operating expense.
  9. Websites can answer a lot of questions that previously had to be handled via phone.
  10. Your competitors probably have one!

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